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You might not own your own private fleet if you are a shipper. So in order for you to ship your products, you would have to outsource a carrier. Although this makes the most sense, it can be hard to find carriers that suit your particular needs, have cheap rates, and are available on a short-term notice.

In order to solve all of these issues, freight brokers come in to fill the gap between shippers and carriers. Freight brokers help shippers find carriers that suit their needs in terms of cost, reliability, and suitability. Such brokers will look over shipments and create a line of communication between both the shipper and carrier; a freight broker’s job is to make sure everything runs smoothly.

When talking about freight brokers, the first thought that comes to find is that it might be useless; what’s the point of hiring a freight broker for shipping when that is something a company could usually arrange themselves? Well, here is why:

  1. Freight brokers can help shippers save money. Such brokerages will have major network connections and the latest logistics technology in order to get the best deal out there. Since such brokerages also help to keep carriers in business, carriers are incentivized to offer lower rates as well.
  2. Freight brokerages help shipping companies save a lot of time. If you are the head of a shipping company, trying to navigate the logistics of shipping and finding carriers can be difficult. When you hire a freight brokerage firm, they will do all of that for you! Freight brokers will save you time running around looking for carriers; with the technology they own, they can easily find the best company and rate for you in an instant!
  3. Hiring a freight brokerage can be extremely beneficial if you have a small logistics department. Freight brokers can help to coordinate all your shipping needs, not just coordinating with carriers.

To keep it short, freight brokerages are companies that coordinate shipping for companies that hold stock and have freight to ship out. They look at a company and find them carriers based on their specific needs and requirements.

Such brokerages make use of specialized logistics technology to offer their clients the best experience out there. They are a good option for those companies that struggle with logistics and may have very particular shipping needs. For example, if you mainly have last minute shipping, a freight brokerage can help you find carriers that can cater to this need.

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